Season 5 made me really sad, what the fuck Claire is doing? I’ve got literally heart attack, what about frank? She doesn’t love him and either he loves her


I have some pretty big issues regarding season 5 that I’ll probably
discuss in the future, but one of the biggest ones is Claire. Season 4 showed
us that the Underwoods cannot succeed if they are fighting. They have to be together
cooperating as a team, that’s just how they work. I must admit that I felt a
very similar way in the end of season 3 and the first half of season 4. I
didn’t understand Claire and it was immensely frustrating. But as the series
progressed, I started to understand her. I understood why she had left Frank and
why she was trying to change their relationship. It took me quite some time,
but in the end I thought it all seemed pretty logical. I liked their character
development and frankly, because of who they are, it was very entertaining
watching them battle each other.

This time, I’m not sure it works. Both Frank and Claire have experienced
that when they don’t work together and fight each other it’s a catastrophe. I
think that they have profoundly changed their relationship for the better. I
felt that Frank (they were some exceptions) had really changed towards Claire
and they had finally become the team they wanted to be. They seemed to
understand and help each other.

So the end of season 5 was a surprise for me. Not because of the actual
events, but because of Claire’s new “attitude”. Has she learnt nothing from the
past? I mean, Frank stepped down from the presidency for her (and other reasons,
I know) and she just turns her back? Frank, in a not so symbolic way, is giving
Claire the power they always wanted. Frank is making sure that Claire gets her
turn (lol). Frank, the most power-hungry person in Washington is giving Claire
the most precious thing to him and she just ignores him? Frankly, it seems out
of character. Claire is a lot smarter than this. If she wanted to have a
successful presidency and really “feel” the power Frank just gave her, she
could have used Frank. She could have used him for her own good. That would
have really turned the tables. Frank would have felt what it meant to be number
2 (in terms of literal power). That, I think, would have been a bigger hit than
what happened in the finale. I think that a part of Frank never truly
understood Claire and being literally in her position would have changed that.
But they just threw that option out of the window.

Frank is back to being an equal adversary and we’re back to the same
dynamic of season 3-4. I know things are different, but it’s just disappointing.
They could have given us a reversed power dynamic and everything that is related
to that, but they chose to make them equal adversaries. Now, I know that Frank
has “no power” right now, but if he really planned everything that went down in
the most part of season 5, he definitely has some aces up his sleeves. So yeah,
that last scene gave me a heart attack for very good and bad reasons.


PS: I will talk about their love in future posts 🙂