Hi! I’m sorry if this is a weird question, but do you think house of cards could be triggering or difficult to watch for someone who has ptsd from rape & abuse? I’ve heard great things about the show but have also heard it can get very intense & graphic at times. My friend wants us to marathon the show together but I’m just not comfortable disclosing my ptsd to him so he can make a judgement call. I just need to know if there’s lots of graphic physical or sexual violence in the show. Thanks💗

Hi! First of all, I’m very sorry if you’ve sent the message a while ago, I’m currently in university and have a big deadline coming up next week so I have not been really updating the blog or checking tumblr much. 

I don’t think this is a weird question at all, if you know that there are certain things that would make you uncomfortable and could trigger you, it’s always best to check first.

To be honest, I’m not too sure how to answer the question because the show definitely has its share of sex scenes that are not rape (unless I’m really forgetting something) but involve manipulation and unequal power dynamics. One of the main characters (trying not to spoil things for you too much!) has a story line revolving around her past rape but it’s handled really well and there are no exploitative flashbacks or anything of that nature. 

When it comes to physical violence, there are definitely instances of it on the show. Some scenes are dreams/nightmares while others are real. In particular I’m thinking of a re-occurring dream one character has in season 3 that involves graphic violence against another character. There are also instances of people dying violently. 

So all in all I suppose it has to be your call, based on what feels right for you but I hope I helped at least a little bit. If anyone has anything to add or opinions/recommendations for the anon, please reply/reblog this 🙂