It’s so sad that things are tried in the court of twitter instead of in the court of law. A simple accusation is all that it takes to ruin a man’s career. We simply do not know that it is true or not. First off, what the hell was a child doing at an adult party where drinking was going on? Where were his parents? Or is this a case like Michael Jackson, where the parents pimped the kids out for fame and fortune? Or was it something else entirely. We don’t know. But there goes Kevin’s career. Sad.

I’m sorry anon, but I’ll have to disagree with you.

While I want to see the conclusion to a show I really enjoyed and I still think Kevin Spacey is an amazing actor, he has been accused of this and I can totally understand where Netflix is coming from stopping the production for some time before deciding what to do next.

Also, I’m really not into the victim blaming that your ask is full of, regardless of where Rapp’s parents were, the fact that Spacey invited a minor to a party with whatever intent he had was troubling.

Also, Netflix stopping the production is a smart move on their part because with stories like this, there’s usually a pattern, there’s usually more than one victim so it might be worth waiting to see if more accusers come forward. There’s plenty of rumours about Spacey’s behaviour on HoC set so Netflix might want to talk to the crew and everyone involved first.

Spacey’s apology was also pretty terrible, using his sexuality to detract from Rapp’s accusation. I don’t know, I feel like I’m rambling now, so I’ll stop, but basically I don’t think that what is happening to Spacey is all that unfair considering years and years of rumours about his questionable behaviour, I know rumours are rumours but if they’re that persistent, might be some truth to that.

Mostly I feel bad for crew and other people involved in the production if the show who might lose paychecks because of this.